Domain Registration

What is Domain Registration?

Domain Name is important for identifying what your business is; also Domain name can be any individual or group name. For Start-up an online business, we need to create a website and without a domain name, it cannot possible.

Why Domain Name Registration Important?

A Domain name makes your business professional. Also, you can promote your brand anywhere through a good domain name. A Domain name helps to enhance business productivity and visitors. It makes visible to your brand. Your Business can compete with other businesses in the market. So it is essential to have a good and attractive domain name for the business website.

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

Here a few examples of Domain name such as –


So, before choosing a domain name, we have to keep some important things in our mind, like

  • It should be unique.
  • Easily able to pronounce and remember
  • Easy to type and attractable

Strong Domain name enhances the awareness about your business. It makes your business goodwill. If we see the point of view from SEO (search engine optimization) your domain name visible in search engine which absolutely increases your number of visitors and buyers.

If you get a good domain name then you will get good visitors. So choose wisely the Domain name. Onlive Server helps thousands of people to choose the best Domain Name who are new in business and newly stepping in this online market. So without further ado, choose the best of your domain name with Onlive Server. In case of any problem, you can join us via live chat and Whatsapp.

Hence, if you are still confused in choosing the domain name, stop thinking and contact us. We will help you to choose the best domain name.