USA VPS Server Hosting

FINALLY, as a business-runner, the developed website is gaining traction- exactly as one hoped for. The visitor count is spiking impressively. And that clearly indicates that the website is getting the attention it deserves. That said, this continual increase in visitor count may prove problematic for the existing server to keep up. 

Yes, indeed. This is one common issue which many business site owners face at some point. So, is it because their existing hosting plan simply doesn’t have the resources required to keep the site running and functioning optimally as before?

It sure does seem like it. While using shared hosting (a common preference by most site owners) may prove to be an excellent initiating point for SME business site owners, with time, the site will only expand and garner more attention from its targeted client base. And when that happens (or in the above case is already happening), it is a clear sign that the server needs more resources. 

Data Center
Operating System
USA VPS Server X : 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
USA VPS Server Y : 2 Core, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB HDD, 2000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
USA VPS Server Z : 4 Core, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 4000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS
USA VPS Server Custom (Upto 8 Core, Upto 16 GB RAM, Upto 300 GB HDD)

Invariably, this means that maybe it is time to upgrade to a dedicated USA VPS server hosting plan from a notable provider in the region.

Here Are 4 Clear Reasons to Upgrade to a Quality USA Hosting Plan. 

So follow closely!

When to Make the Jump to a Dedicated USA VPS hosting Plan?

“When You Find The Business Website Receiving Too Much Traffic…”

At times it can be difficult to determine when exactly to make the jump from shared hosting to a dedicated VPS hosting plan. However, if the site in question meets these criteria, then it is clear that it is time to shift. 

Take a look –

– The site gets 200-500 (even more) visits every day

– An increase in bounce rate is noticeable

– The site load time keeps increasing, and that leads to more downtime occurrences 

The good news for site owners is that there are so many quality USA VPS hosting providers offering packages at reasonable rates. In comparison to shared hosting, dedicated VPS hosting is more costly simply due to its more number of resources, applications, and site customisation tools.

And with all that firepower is precisely required for business websites that receive countless visits every day.

“When The Site Cannot Access The Memory It Requires, Thus Leading To Its Page Load Time And Other Processes To Slow Down Considerably…”

When dependent on a shared hosting server, most business sites have to be content with limited memory space. As the server memory keeps all the site’s processes together, if the site is unable to access the memory space it needs, it will inevitably slow down its page loading and other processes.

Of course, that is something most business runners want to avoid at all costs! The best way to do that is by upgrading the shared hosting server to a dedicated USA VPS server hosting plan, which offers 8GB to 32 GB of RAM support. The prices will also vary as per the plan chosen. 

But, it will be worth the expense as business site owners and its customers will reap the benefits of quicker loading time, faster downloads/uploads, and prompt transactions. “When The Site Gets Bogged Down With Increased Volumes of Traffic, And Its Server Is Unable to Tackle Increased Requests At The Same Time…”

A simple looking site can easily run smoothly on a shared server. However, when it starts getting more traffic every day and resultantly, its server is unable to handle all the increased volume of requests all at once! On upgrading to a dedicated USA VPS server hosting plan, the bogged down website gets more processing power to keep its optimal performance going. 

Take, for example –

Consider the site server as the CPU and the Input/output (I/O) as the key arteries and veins that allow the data and end-user requests from flowing properly. 

Integrating a dedicated USA VPS server hosting solution will enable the system’s admin to expand those key veins and arteries, more so at crunch times. That will lead to quicker I/O processing, better handing of increased volumes of traffic, and smoother site performance!

“The Underlying Restrictions of the Shared Hosting Plan’s Disc Space Offers Limited Scope to Store More Data…”

In addition to the above indications, another clear sign that it is time to upgrade to a dedicated USA VPS server hosting plan is when you don’t have scope to store more data. 

Most shared hosting plans come with underlying restrictions that prevent site owners from adding more files/folders or other modes of data.

However, au contraire to shared hosting packages, a dedicated USA VPS server hosting package presents site owners ample storage space to preserve their previous files, folders, and data in any volume.  

So, regardless of whether one plans to store a galleria of a thousand images, big video files, or keep an HD media library, a dedicated VPS package will provide them with all the necessary resources and space to store as much data as they see fit.


Is It Possible To Move The Existing Data From Some Other Service Providers?

It most certainly is. Contact the USA VPS server hosting management team to assist transfer the existing data from the previous service provider. What’s more, the option of registering the domain and transferring the domain to the respective USA VPS website!

How to Know Which USA VPS Server Hosting Plan Is Appropriate?

This is entirely dependent on the website/application requirements, along with the amount of traffic it generates regularly. For a better idea, it would be to wise to visit a quality USA VPS server hosting provider’s website and rummage through the different hosting plans available. They differ in terms of storage space, the number of virtual CPUs, customisation tools, and price.

Despite that, if one still can’t decide, then it is best to call up the respective USA VPS Hosting service provider and request their recommendation.

Will USA VPS Offer Access To The Firewall?

Yes, it will. One can get the option to configure their IPtables and Configure server security (CSS) rules to refer to. Then accordingly, one can secure their VPS server and customise to their liking.

What Happens If The HD Storage Space Runs Out?

Generally, service providers will closely monitor the existing HD storage space. And will immediately send out alerts about it. In the event of the HD storage space running out, they will happily upgrade the existing VPS plan. Extra charges will apply!

Is Having Plenty Of Technical Know-How A Must For Using USA VPS?

Indeed, it is a necessity! That said, if one doesn’t have the technical knowledge needed to use VPS, then there is no cause of worry. The concerning service providers will offer managed USA VPS server hosting solutions and resultantly take care of all the technicalities involved.