France Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers affordable France Dedicated Server Plans for your online business so. You can be sure that they are fast and reliable. We provide a variety of server options, including SSD storage, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. We offer our France Dedicated Server at competitive prices with excellent uptime rates. If you are looking for an affordable Dedicated Server Provider. Then Onlive Server is a great choice that provides cheap dedicated servers to its clients at the best price.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Onlive Server offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure your website is always available, even during the busiest of seasons. Our hosting plans, also provide. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space to ensure expansion and maintain your website while maintaining. A cost-effective monthly bill that can be easily managed by our one-click billing method.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Onlive Server offers you the most affordable dedicated server plans with unlimited bandwidth. You can get your dedicated server to host any type of website or Application in a secured and stable manner. We offer high-performance servers with powerful hardware at competitive prices. Our servers are equipped with the latest technology. And have efficient processors and RAM that provide the best performance for your site. Our admins will be always ready to help you out if there is an issue with. Your server or if you need anything extra related to the setup of your server.
Unlimited Storage space

Storage is the most important part of a website. If you have a website and you are unable to figure out. Why some pages are loading slowly or not at all. Then it is almost certain that your website will not be able to take off. You need to have enough storage space for storing all the content on your site. A dedicated server with unlimited storage means that your site will never run out of space again.

Data Uptime

We are committed to providing a reliable and high-quality hosting solution for our customers. We use the latest tools and technologies in our data centers to ensure that. Your website will be safe, fast, and secure at all times. And has good connectivity with many other countries around the world. We offer a dedicated server package that includes a 24/7 monitoring system and a 24/7 support team.

Website Security

Your website is the most important business asset you have. It is your first impression of the world and will be. The first thing anyone sees when they land on your website. That’s why it’s so important to keep your website safe from attack. Onlive Server offers affordable France Dedicated Server Plans with all the security features you need for your website. Our France Dedicated Server Plans come with a range of security tools. That help you keep your site free from viruses, malware, hackers, and other online threats.

Our France Dedicated Server plans are ideal for individuals or organizations that need to run their websites on in France. This gives you full control over your site, and you can also choose to. Use our hosted email service or our managed WordPress hosting option. Our dedicated servers are located in Paris, France and we have plans for both single server installations and multi-server. Onlive Server is a leading web hosting company in the world. We provide high-performance dedicated server plans for your website.

Full Control of your sites

You can manage your account and domain through all the tools we provide. You will have full access to server data, manage your server, update it, install. Any software you need, and perform maintenance tasks. We’ll provide you with a free SSL certificate for your website and a free license of Plesk or cPanel.

Access Control

Our dedicated servers are perfect for hosting websites, web applications, or any other type of application that requires a lot of space and memory. The plans we offer are affordable and provide you with the maximum number of resources at a very competitive price. Our shared hosting services are designed for small businesses that need to make their presence known on the Internet. Our shared hosting packages are affordable and come with a variety of features that will help you grow your business. We have developed a powerful infrastructure that can handle many websites at once, allowing you to scale up as your business grows.

Our managed dedicated servers allow you to focus on your core business without having to worry about managing servers or maintaining them properly. Our technical support team will be available 24/7 for any questions related to our cloud servers or other services we offer such as VPS or Dedicated Hosting in France.

Improved cPanel

We offer the most affordable dedicated servers in France. We have chosen the best hosting providers and we have been able to offer our plans at the lowest prices in France we provide two different types of dedicated server plans. The first one is suitable for small businesses and websites that need a high number of resources, while the second plan is designed for larger businesses or corporate websites. With both types of plans, you will receive a dedicated IP address for your website and a full Root Access that allows you to install whatever software you want on your server.

The cPanel hosting platform allows you to manage everything from one place with ease. You can create MySQL databases, create user accounts and manage them through the cPanel interface or use our control panel if you prefer it more. We also offer webmail access through our Mail Manager Plugin which allows users to send and receive email through their website inboxes.

Advanced Capabilities

Our France Dedicated Server is designed for businesses that want to grow their business online. We offer dedicated servers in all major locations around the world so you can choose the location that matches your needs.

Fully Flexible Server

France Dedicated Server is a fully flexible service that can be configured to meet. Your specific needs Whether you need a server for gaming, file storage, or anything else, France Dedicated Server has the features you need to get the job done. We also offer managed services to allow you to take complete control over your server and make changes or updates at any time.

When you choose a France Dedicated Server from Onlive Server, you get complete control over your domain name. You can create a new domain with your custom email address and web address. You can also have a sub-domain on the same server to use different URLs for different parts of your site. This means you can run more than one site on the same server without worrying about being blocked by any other sites or services. As long as no other websites use the same names as yours, there shouldn’t be any problems with using a sub-domain!

Root Access

Root access is the most important feature of France Dedicated Server. With root access, you can install any software or application that you want to use. You can set up your own firewall and run a command shell, which is an environment where you can run commands without entering. You can also use root access to install additional packages that aren’t included in. The default distribution and use them in your application. Fast Provisioning With France Dedicated Server, you can be sure that your server will be ready for use in just a few minutes.

Low-cost, reliable hosting

We offer low-cost dedicated hosting plans that are perfect for small businesses and individuals who do not need all the features of our high-performance plans. Our affordable plans are reliable and efficient. You can rest assured that your website will be available 24/7.


France Dedicated Server Hosting is a great choice for those looking for. A Dedicated Server with high performance and stability. France Dedicated Server Hosting provides a stable and reliable hosting platform, which can be easily customized to meet your needs. France Dedicated Server Hosting offers great features like 24/7 customer support, a 100% uptime guarantee, daily backups, and more.