South Africa VPS Server

In South Africa, online businesses of all sizes and across all industries are on the VPS of the major providers. This stands true whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, or anywhere else in the country. There are several reasons hosting on VPS servers is preferable to shared hosting; this includes improved security, flexibility, performance, and scalability. Our South Africa VPS Server packages are also affordable–even if you’re just starting. So, there’s no reason not to avail yourself of these services if they’re available in your area. 

Good uptime

No one likes a server with bad uptime. The last thing you want is to be planning a big event or launch and have your site go down in front of your customers. That’s why, for choosing your server, it’s important to work with a company that has data centers located all over South Africa. Connectivity doesn’t matter if you have an unreliable host. A good hosting provider will have multiple data centers so that no matter where customers are located, they can connect quickly and easily, offering top-notch uptime—something else you should pay close attention to as well. 

Affordable prices

If you’re trying to host a site that receives a large amount of traffic, it may make sense to purchase your server. You can do so on one of our South Africa VPS servers with affordable prices, and no long-term contracts are required. This can give you more control over your budget as well as your site performance. We also offer dedicated services and offer low latency for those looking for even better performance from their server setup. Are you in need of hosting? Try our South Africa VPS plans today! 

Good customer service

The top benefit of a South African virtual private server (VPS) is that you get good customer service. Everyone knows that when your site goes down, you lose money. Our goal is for it not to happen—or at least for it to be as short-lived as possible. Also, our client care department will help with any technical issues and problems you might have so that downtime can be avoided. Plus, we provide a high level of service whether your budget is small or large. 

Virtual private servers with cPanel

Get ready for more features and higher performance with a South Africa Virtual Private Server (VPS) from Onlive Server. Our VPS hosting is customizable and easy to use, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for additional storage space and control. You can create sub-accounts that have their logins and passwords while still benefitting from shared resources like disk space and bandwidth. With our 24/7 expert support team available by phone or live chat, you’ll get these benefits at affordable prices with no contracts or cancellation fees. Click today to learn more about how a South Africa VPS can enhance your online presence! 

Always up-to-date software

When you rely on cloud hosting. Your server is running a mix of software that’s compile from source code and scripts. But with unmanaged cloud hosting. You are in the dark regarding what’s actually on your server, and when maintenance happens. This can be a problem because errors can crop up. So, if something goes wrong with your South Africa VPS server, it might take hours or even days for an expert to identify and fix your problem. In addition, having always up-to-date software reduces support tickets; no one wants issues they could have fixed by simply installing an update. If keeping things up-to-date is important to you, South Africa VPS is worth looking into. 


When you look at VPS services, remember that functionality is important, but when it comes down to making a purchasing decision, price is probably your most important consideration. If you can’t stretch your budget enough for a dedicated server but still need more than just basic hosting services, the South Africa VPS Server might be what you’re looking for. If you want maximum performance and guaranteed uptime, South Africa may be worth checking out. Even if you are strapped for cash, these services make their prices as clear as possible so that customers can choose which package works best for them. However, just because something sounds too good to be true doesn’t mean it is—and there are some advantages associated with purchasing a service from a company in South Africa rather than one in another country.