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Domain Name Registration

In the present day, a website plays a vital role in the business development process. The website consists of the product details of the business that are important tools for business development. Therefore, website design and development should be unique to make a significant difference from other websites. A domain name is the identity of a website that helps internet users search for a particular website. The Domain Name Registration process is vital because you have to check domain name availability on the domain registrar’s website. Domain name search policy may be different for individual domain registrars.

What is Domain Management?

Domain management is a vital task that includes domain name renewals, secure accessibility, and complete domain privacy. When you have to manage lots of domains simultaneously, it is vital to manage the domain properly. The auto-renewal process for each domain is essential because, through this process, one can avoid the manual domain renewal procedure. Apart from that, domain management also includes lots of features such as follows-

  1. Email management- Many domain registrars provide free email account where users can get adequate information regarding domain registration. Try to check website domain registration process first.
  2. Domain name system- DNS tools are essential to store the domain database. Users have to update the DNS record from time to time to avoid the risk of hacking.
  3. Domain lock- Domain lock can provide domain safety and prevent the risk of transferring your domain.

What is WHOIS Privacy?

Users have to provide their personal details and company details to the domain registrars at the time of the domain registration process. However, users’ personal details are stored in the public records that are WHOIS. But with the unique secure policy, users can safely store their personal details on the WHOIS database.

  1. The privacy service of WHOIS protects personal details such as an address, phone no, email. Thus hackers cannot access your information.
  2. Many domain registrars provide free service for this privacy policy, where other domain registrars charge an amount for this task.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company that helps domain registrants to buy and register domain names. All domain registrars are affiliated with ICANN. It is a non-profitable organization that is responsible for managing the domain name. A domain name helps internet users to choose an address by remembering the domain name. In addition, the domain registration tools help the users to utilise the domain more specifically. Excellent domain registrars should have a unique domain name search policy.

Basic Criteria for an Excellent Domain Registrar

You can buy a domain name through these steps, such as-

  1. You can take the help of the domain registrar to check domain availability. Many people prefer to choose the domain registration process along with the web hosting plan.
  2. You can also buy a domain name from a reseller.

Domain registrars handle the technical aspects of assigning IP address and reserving the domain name. Popular domain registrars mainly offer the .com domain name to their users. You can get a different type of domain registrars that provide unique domain registration services such as domain registration for 100 years, domain privacy protection at a reasonable price, and a professional domain name facility. In addition, many domain registrars provide free domain name facility for first-time registrants.

Some Excellent Domain Registrars

Onlive Infotech:-

If you want an excellent web hosting facility and other technical web support at a reasonable price, Onlive Infotech is your ultimate solution.

  1. Web hosting is available at Rs 199/ month.
  2. Managed WordPress Rs 149/month
  3. VPS server at Rs 439/month
  4. Dedicated server at Rs 8839/month
  5. Professional email is available at Rs 29/ mo

Google Domain– If you want free domain security and unique privacy features from your domain registrars, Google Domain is an excellent option. To check the domain availability of this registrar, you have to visit its website frequently. The starting price for the Book Domain Name registration of this company is $ 9/year.

  1. Email forwarding facility
  2. Domain management sharing facility

It is a unique Eco-friendly web hosting and domain registration company that provides a unique networking facility.

  1. WordPress hosting is available at $ 2.49/month.
  2. VPS server with a huge SSD storage is available at $ 39.95/month.
  3. Twenty-four hours technical support system
  4. New registrants can get a special discount offer.

It is a trusted web hosting and domain registration company with more than 30,000 customers globally.

  1. Customers of this web hosting company can get an SSL certificate, one free domain service, and WordPress optimized.
  2. The technical support team of this company provides 24 hours support system to its clients for any type of technical fault.
  3. You can get 1GB free SSD disk space, a control panel, unlimited bandwidth, one free domain at Rs 40/month, and ten email account with its web hosting plan.

But you have to check website domain registration process in detail to get details regarding the add-on price, domain transfer price, and renewal charges details information. Authentic domain registrars share their terms and condition in details with the clients. Try to avoid the domain registrars that hide the details about the domain privacy policy from the clients. Hackers always want to steal your web content that is responsible for huge loss for the business organization.