Best Cloud VPS

Managing Your Cloud VPS Server

Virtualization is at the heart of cloud computing. In a typical cloud hosting environment, a client gains access to a virtual machine running on a server (cloud) network. Depending on your experience in Best Cloud VPS management, you can choose between two main types of web hosting services:

Cloud VPS Hosting – Your cloud VPS setting is under the direct management of Onlive Server. A team of trained support staff is involved in many technical tasks such as server maintenance, maintenance, upgrades, and software installation. Should any technical issues arise along the way – you can count on your supervisor’s intelligence. Simplified, this solution is most suitable for users who have little experience in Cloud VPS management.

Personalized Cloud VPS – a popular hosting service for many web developers and users with advanced technical knowledge. Your hosting provider provides you with a virtual server with root control permissions, allowing you to customize every small Cloud VPS feature according to your specific needs Such as, Upgrading app, GUI, security software, and all the necessary cloud applications are entirely in your hands.

What kind of websites use Cloud VPS hosting?

High performance and extra time are good selling points for any potential cloud hosting user, but some online projects will reap additional benefits naturally.

For example, marketing projects such as e-commerce stores rely more on simplifying purchasing information and providing customers with a more effective marketing tool. Such websites cannot afford a moment of relaxation as this can have a negative impact on sales.

Even if you do not sell something, you can still manage a website with traffic that grows faster than can be managed by normal setup. Cloud hosting scalability can easily manage projects that use resources without sweat, so it is well-selected among a variety of businesses.

Best Cloud VPS

Examples of efficient use cases for Best Cloud VPS hosting are just over a few. Other opportunities include:

  • Social networking services
  • Multimedia streaming websites
  • Document sharing tools
  • CRM forums
  • IoT projects
  • Big data analysis

Why Does Best Cloud VPS Hosting Stand as the Best Hosting Solution?

Although cloud services are not a different kind of web hosting service per second, they can be used in any other market option. This flexibility, combined with the overflow of system resources, makes cloud technology a very viable option for many projects. When you compare Cloud VPS with cloud hosting, for example, you can expect all the benefits associated with virtual private servers:

  • Improving performance
  • Better customization control
  • Dedicated system services
  • Strict security
  • Expandable RAM, CPU, and disk space
  • Statistically, there are different benefits of VPS cloud vs dedicated servers:
  • Easy management
  • More expensive
  • Large network of servers

Serving as a middle ground between hosting types, cloud VPS can be the most flexible solution. It brings you enough server power, security, and control to customize the site to your liking. Of course, the final decision should always be made in accordance with your specific needs and budget. You can get cloud servers for as little as $ 5-10 / mo. By comparison, even the cheapest dedicated bare-metal server will see you pay around $ 50 every month.

Onlive Server’s Best Cloud VPS Hosting

All Onlive Server Best Cloud VPS solutions are cloud-based. In this way, we assure your customers of a stable environment that allows website growth easily without interruption. But that’s just scratching the service.

You can choose from a variety of virtual servers offered by Onlive Server. Even low-level servers will guarantee 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, and a 50 GB SSD space with easy upgrade options when you start growing. Each of our partners offers a few flexible programs. But if you choose one of the Onlive Server VPS plans – you can fine-tune your individual server resources to build a fully customizable server solution.

Deals become even more fun when you choose a cloud-based VPS plan. Not only will you get a ton of additional features – dedicated IP, SSL certificates, a daily backup solution – but you will save a ton on the costs of obtaining licensing control panel. All of this is due to cPanel.

The full Onlive Server platform allows you to use all the important features of cloud service – files, info, emails, domain names, installed apps, and much more. The field is very simple, which means it does not put much strain on your web server. You can find a few custom-built tools as well, such as SShield (server security) and WordPress Manager (easily manage WP). But best of all – Managed Brazil VPS clients get the whole package for free, saving them a lot of unnecessary license costs.

In Conclusion

When the situation calls for it, you will strive to find a better option than cloud hosting. Provides robust architecture where you use the entire network of servers around the world. This creates a lot of system resources when you always have a lot available on your website.

Contact the Onlive Server support team if you want to learn more about our Cloud solutions.