VPS Hosting for WordPress

Better VPS hosting is very important for your online business. Generally, low traffic sites are hosted on shared hosting and excessive traffic sites are hosted on dedicated servers. But today we are talking about VPS Hosting for WordPress, VPS hosting is more effective and reliable than shared hosting. VPS hosting is a bit costly as compared to shared hosting however more powerful and scalable. VPS makes your internet site pages load faster and it manages your website traffic with ease. Onlive Server offers more reliable and affordable hosting plans for your business requirement.


What is the main factor of VPS hosting for WordPress?

Reasonable Price

If you are thinking of starting your business online and wondering which type of hosting is better for your site with faster speed. So, VPS is excellent for your online business. It offers control, security, and much more at a very reasonable price. VPS comes with more resources that help boost your site performance.

Secure Server with Powerful Performance

When you run your site, it is important to secure your site data and customers’ data. You are using normal hosting it is not safe for your customers and site. But VPS provides a complete security solution for your site, it comes with an SSL certificate that keeps your site secure and protects you from hackers. VPS server provides maximum uptime for your website thereby increasing your site speed.

Full Control Over the Server

VPS provides an amazing and complete root control over your server. VPS provides full right to customize anything you can easily customize and you can run any application you want. If a server malfunction occurs, your site will not be affected


When your business grows you need more resources to increase the performance of your Website and it may not show up if you use normal hosting. But if you use VPS hosting then you can easily upgrade the resources like bandwidth, RAM, operating system, and much more.

Flexible Customer Support

When you pick out a hosting provider for hosting it is important to check whether or not they are providing customer support. Guess what you do if you want some help. That’s why flexible customer help is very important. Our VPS comes with prompt technical support. Our expert technical group is always available to assist you.

More Sites Hosting

If you think running multiple sites on one server is also feasible on shared hosting but offers limited resources. In Shared Hosting, you run many sites, due to which your website does not perform well and the website is not secure. But second, you choose VPS then you can run lots of sites on the server without any problem without problems.

VPS Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Business

Hosting is very essential for any site to operate. There are many types of hosting such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server. What type of hosting you need for you depends on your site traffic and data and how many sources you need. VPS Hosting for WordPress is the best solution for your site you can host more than one site and it easily manages your website traffic. Only your site uses the resources and it does not share the resources with anyone.


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