Cloud Web Hosting

Onlive Server offered a trustworthy and fully reliable Cloud Web Hosting. Cloud Hosting is an outstanding option for those who plan to run websites very smoothly and secured. With Cloud Hosting, your CPU, RAM, and other necessary resources are spread across multiple servers. It helps your website have more consistent speeds. Cloud Web Hosting is a host of websites for the diffusion of data over several machines rather than a single server. Users manage their data by using a “virtual machine” that accesses the various servers in the cloud.

Cloud Hosting gives you the power to scale your small and large websites when you need it. It also provides complete security, which means no one can get in and affect your website. Cloud Server Hosting is on an SSD-backed VPS, so your website will load quickly and be super reliable.

Cloud Web hosting is a fully managed platform for operating a website from a single location. You can be assured of 99.9% uptime guaranteed, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Unlimited disk space at a very affordable cost.

Cloud web hosting is an easy way for companies to access extensive computing resources without any equipment. With cloud hosting, customers can use as few resources or as many resources as they want. This scalability can result in huge cost savings as companies never pay more than they use. Plus, additional capacity is available whenever you need it.

Features Key:

Full Management: Cloud hosting is a website hosting service that allows users to seize full control of managing their websites. Its services are gaining popularity in today’s competition in the web world owing to their unique and unmatched features.

Instant Scalability: Cloud web hosting plans offer you instant scalability. You can start out with a small number of resources and expand in seconds to a larger virtual cloud server instance with the click of a button. Our cloud hosting plans are ideal for start-ups, small businesses, and web professionals

SSH Key Management: We manage SSH key management for our VPS, meaning one less thing you have to worry about. SSL Certificates can be issued with a few clicks of your mouse.

Custom Templates: Cloud Web Hosting offers you the ability to completely host your website through the use of our custom hosting services. We utilize cloud hosting, which gives you more control over your website.

High-Speed Performance: Cloud web hosting provides you with the performance and security benefits of dedicated hosting without the cost and long-term commitment.

Affordable Price of Cloud Hosting Plans

Onlive Server offers Cloud Web Servers at an astonishing price which includes Extra Bandwidth, High Performance as well as and Experienced Technical Support. It offered in the demand of capacity of the website of customers at the lowest price.

Cloud hosting provides multiple advantages such as:


cPanel is a Web Hosting Control panel that allows you to fully control your website and server. It’s completely customizable, allowing you to add fully integrated add-ons needed for your business or website.

DDoS Protection

All of our servers include free DDoS Protection, ensuring that during downtime your server remains online. Our bandwidth is sourced from two providers for redundancy and all of our servers are DDoS protected.

No need to purchase

Configure hardware and software,

Support for multiple operating systems

Web Applications

System Security  

  Web Applications

System Security

Unlimited Bandwidth


How Do Cloud Web Hosting works?

Cloud hosting uses virtualization to share server power. This means cloud hosting solutions come nowhere close to actually sharing physical servers. This may be confusing since oftentimes Hosting refers to their offerings as “cluster hosting,” but the term is not synonymous with cluster server hosting.

Can you host a website in the cloud?

Cloud hosting may be the most cost-effective way for small businesses. Our virtual dedicated, virtual private, and cloud hosting offers flexibility and reliability like no other. We’re confident that you’ll find the service and support we provide second to none.

Why do we use Cloud hosting Services from Onlive Server?

Onlive Server is a cloud computing company that specializes in hosting different clients. It provides the best solution for the clients’ data storage, backup, archiving. It is cost-effective Server Hosting that can increase your business scale it comes with unlimited bandwidth, scalability, customization, and much more affordable prices and it also comes with 24*7 customer support.