What is cPanel Web Hosting?

CPanel Web Hosting is the most popular application for managing hosted websites on servers. It allows you to do the most common tasks (setting up email accounts, creating backups, installing software, etc) on your website easily. There are so many companies that offer cPanel Web Hosting. So, if it is important to you, you have a lot of choices. This analysis will help you sort through the issues to consider and pick the right host organization for your business website

cPanel Web Hosting

It allows online businesses and individuals to host their Server or web pages and keep them online. Each and every file that is hosted on the website is carefully protected by the CPU like looking at servers or websites. But is cPanel Web Hosting the website just enough to manage it properly? Just simply hosting won’t make you reach the target visitor which you might have planned for in the first place. Being an owner of a business you won’t be having time to look out for the files on the website, manage emails or add domains and sub-domains. Hence, for tasks like this also you will also be requiring a hosting service.

Why Should I Choose cPanel Web Hosting from Onlive Server?

CPanel Web Hosting is reliable, trustworthy. Onlive Server is a platform that is well respected in the tech community and it has very reasonable prices. It is seen as (Web Hosting Solutions) as an example to follow in its vertical. CPanel is the ease of installation and a large number of applications. It allows users to control email addresses, domain names, databases, different PHP versions (websites), and as a rule every aspect of a web server. The popularity and widespread use of web hosting is also due to the fact. It has a straightforward interface that can be easily known by first-time users as well. Basically, the control panel is used for Windows or Linux web servers.

Get the More Benefits of CPanel Web Hosting by Onlive Server:

The following are a lot of the benefits of cPanel web hosting features that lead to the acceptance and popularity of cPanel for your website or server management.

  • Best enhancement
  • Easy Adaptability
  • Best Feature-packed
  • Manage email usage
  • Configure SSH keys
  • Install an SSL certificate from a third party

The Main Keys of cPanel Web Hosting on Onlive Server –

cPanel Web Hosting
  • User-friendly interface:
    The cPanel interface categorizes various features under manageable modules, allowing clients to locate them easily. The cPanel dashboard also comes with intuitive menus and graphics for smooth & easy navigation.
  • Highly compatible:
    CPanel is one of the most popular control panels; cPanel is relevant to several web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, cPanel never supports many third-party applications, including websites or servers owners.
  • Wide range of best features:
    Requiring no advanced technical knowledge, cPanel lets users perform complicated tasks such as creating sub domains and FTP accounts, managing MySQL databases, and generating site backups, and many more…
  • Automatic software installation:
    Not only does cPanel provide numerous features, but it is also well-integrated with the cPanel application. It grants access to more than many applications, including popular content management systems.
  • Credible Support:
    The cPanel web hosting site contains plenty of resources. Dedicated technical services for both cPanel and WHM are also available on Onlive Server. It explains how to use and solve issues with cPanel products. Users easily use this and are fully configured.
  • Security Tolerability: 
    Research shows that cPanel’s factor authentication method is vulnerable to brute force attacks on other servers. To prevent this, always make sure your cPanel version is always up-to-date.
  • Costly License:
    cPanel has the highest license prices compared to its competitors. If you’re only managing a website, a Web hosting plan can be a cheaper solution for you as the web hosting organization will lend you their cPanel license with high security & privacy.
  • Risk of website data loss:
    There are times when the cPanel System accidentally unseen server settings and removes all data during major updates. This happened due to a failed hard drive. In such cases, try to perform full disaster recovery to restore your web server.

Onlive Server Provides Advantages of CPanel Web Hosting in The Following – Onlive Server provides you with a complete package of cPanel and more than the above-mentioned prominent features.

cPanel Web Hosting
  • Full Control on Website: You can control any operating system or application fully through control panel. Reboot your operating system or shut down the server sitting in your own place. There are several web hosting plans to choose from. You can your requirements according to choose it.
  • Pre-Installed Free cPanel: It is quite obvious that you are getting a pre-installed cPanel in your Windows VPS Hosting plan. You don’t need to install it by yourself. We provide a fully configured cPanel and that saves time.
  • Better Scalability: Due to the cPanel plan, you can keep your website’s data safe. It also provides a brilliant facility to back up your data at any given time. For additional features, you can anytime upgrade your web hosting plan.
  • Cost — Economical: The license of cPanel is way less costly than other web hosting sites. Its offers you a range of plans and a complete package of applications fully configured.

Conclusion –

Onlive Server provides the best & cheap cPanel Web Hosting Plan. The Company also provides multiple types of hosting solutions such as VPS Windows 10 plans, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Etc. There are many high-profile hosting companies using it. If you have dedicated server or VPS hosting plans as well as simple web hosting plans. The are many hosting plans that cost is $9 per month or $108 per year. The Onlive Server Company will offer you a cPanel based hosting control panel for free. It also provides a fully configured cPanel for your website.