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Book A Domain Name Registration Online

If you’re looking to start a blog or new online business, you must have a domain name. Your domain name plays a significant role in your brand. It is the heart of your online Identity. To; book domain name registration online, several websites are popping up; each user can choose it wisely. Now booking a domain has become more accessible, you can easily use the online process to book your domain.

Now, before moving ahead, let’s know what a domain name is.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is considered an online address for your website. It enables your customers to access your website via www. In simple language, the whole internet has its giant network connection, and each of them is assigned a number known as an IP address. Instead of using a series of numbers, one can easily use this domain name in a browser. Book Domain Name Online help to create a unique and brandable name for their websites.

Now the question is how to book Domain name online.

Here are 4 easy steps to book domain names online:

  • Search for your domain name

When you search for a domain name in the search engine, there is a list of innumerable results. Choose one of them and hit on the buy button.

  • Build your site:

You can start building your 1-page website, and also you can register with premium domains of any website to secure popular domains.

  • Publish it:

Just hit on the click button and make your presence for your online business platform. Publish it and work professionally.

  • Build your brand:

Build your brand by getting a unique domain name that sets you apart from the crowd. You can also register your domain for up to 5 years so that you can register by someone else at the moment of contract ends.

  • Boost up your online presence:

Connect your social profiles, set up your email address, add it to your domain, then move on to the visitors on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter linked in YouTube, Instagram, etc.

  • Communication:

Send and receive emails and messages using your custom address and run a professional business.

Some tips for booking Domain Name:

  • Book the right domain name:

When you start an online business in any field, a website plays a vital role in impressing viewers. So, make sure to book the right domain name, which is easy to use by the customers, and also think of a domain name that is easy to remember and can be easily keyed.

There are some results in your browsing history; you should book a domain name that matches the business services you are dealing with. 

  • Create your domain name:

Don’t copy the domain name from other websites; create your own unique and impressive domain name and keep it short and straightforward. You can easily find a suitable domain name for your online business on the Onlive server.

  • Check out the policies closely:

Registers offer various chocked regarding registration duration for – one year, three, four, five, or ten.  There may be restrictions to the transformation of the domain name, or else it couldn’t be registered. It would help if you were very cautious about this registration process.

  • URL registration process:

For registering a domain name, there is an important point you need to remember. For online businesses, it is necessary to renew their URL registration on yearly upgrades. Ensure that the domain name tends to disappear, so the domain must be registered.

Cheapest domain name registrars:

A business or a company needs to register their domain name chosen for your company with the ICANN. You can register a domain on the best registration services such as:

  • ICANN- accredited
  • Domain transfer
  • Customer support
  • Pricing

The domain name is a straightforward procedure that includes paying registration fees, getting the best services, and choosing the right domain name for a year.

Importance of book domain name registration:

A domain name has a simple definition that acts as a user-friendly substitute part for an IP address. The domain name is like a license for big organizations and online businesses. It’s imperative to Book Domain Name Registration, as one or another business will be allowed to use the same domain name. It is secured, and no one can enter any business relationship with a company or business that does not have its domain name. One of the most critical parts is URL registration; it is highly preferable for the business reliable or other sponsors for websites.


There are many ways for growing; your business, but to keep it secure and safe, you need to book domain name Registration, which will help your business gain much profitability. It will help if you put your hands on taking the best and reliable advantages of domain name registration. Preferring the right decision at the right time will help you in having complete control over your business. Onlive Server is the most recommended website to book domain name registration online. The technical crew is available 24/7 as per requirements. Always eager to assist you in every aspect. Grab the opportunity now to get the exciting offers. You will get the entire package in one place. Our experts help you finalize the domain as per your business, which is also perfect for SEO prospects. We also encourage you to enhance the business globally while choosing a domain name online.