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What are the Reasons for Choosing an Excellent Domain Registrar for Domain Registration?

Domain Name Registration

In the present day, a website plays a vital role in the business development process. The website consists of the product details of the business that are important tools for business development. Therefore, website design and development should be unique to make a significant difference from other websites. A domain name is the identity of a website that helps internet users search for a particular website. The Domain Name Registration process is vital because you have to check domain name availability on the domain registrar’s website. Domain name search policy may be different for individual domain registrars.

What is Domain Management?

Domain management is a vital task that includes domain name renewals, secure accessibility, and complete domain privacy. When you have to manage lots of domains simultaneously, it is vital to manage the domain properly. The auto-renewal process for each domain is essential because, through this process, one can avoid the manual domain renewal procedure. Apart from that, domain management also includes lots of features such as follows-

  1. Email management- Many domain registrars provide free email account where users can get adequate information regarding domain registration. Try to check website domain registration process first.
  2. Domain name system- DNS tools are essential to store the domain database. Users have to update the DNS record from time to time to avoid the risk of hacking.
  3. Domain lock- Domain lock can provide domain safety and prevent the risk of transferring your domain.

What is WHOIS Privacy?

Users have to provide their personal details and company details to the domain registrars at the time of the domain registration process. However, users’ personal details are stored in the public records that are WHOIS. But with the unique secure policy, users can safely store their personal details on the WHOIS database.

  1. The privacy service of WHOIS protects personal details such as an address, phone no, email. Thus hackers cannot access your information.
  2. Many domain registrars provide free service for this privacy policy, where other domain registrars charge an amount for this task.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company that helps domain registrants to buy and register domain names. All domain registrars are affiliated with ICANN. It is a non-profitable organization that is responsible for managing the domain name. A domain name helps internet users to choose an address by remembering the domain name. In addition, the domain registration tools help the users to utilise the domain more specifically. Excellent domain registrars should have a unique domain name search policy.

Basic Criteria for an Excellent Domain Registrar

You can buy a domain name through these steps, such as-

  1. You can take the help of the domain registrar to check domain availability. Many people prefer to choose the domain registration process along with the web hosting plan.
  2. You can also buy a domain name from a reseller.

Domain registrars handle the technical aspects of assigning IP address and reserving the domain name. Popular domain registrars mainly offer the .com domain name to their users. You can get a different type of domain registrars that provide unique domain registration services such as domain registration for 100 years, domain privacy protection at a reasonable price, and a professional domain name facility. In addition, many domain registrars provide free domain name facility for first-time registrants.

Some Excellent Domain Registrars

Onlive Infotech:-

If you want an excellent web hosting facility and other technical web support at a reasonable price, Onlive Infotech is your ultimate solution.

  1. Web hosting is available at Rs 199/ month.
  2. Managed WordPress Rs 149/month
  3. VPS server at Rs 439/month
  4. Dedicated server at Rs 8839/month
  5. Professional email is available at Rs 29/ mo

Google Domain– If you want free domain security and unique privacy features from your domain registrars, Google Domain is an excellent option. To check the domain availability of this registrar, you have to visit its website frequently. The starting price for the Book Domain Name registration of this company is $ 9/year.

  1. Email forwarding facility
  2. Domain management sharing facility

It is a unique Eco-friendly web hosting and domain registration company that provides a unique networking facility.

  1. WordPress hosting is available at $ 2.49/month.
  2. VPS server with a huge SSD storage is available at $ 39.95/month.
  3. Twenty-four hours technical support system
  4. New registrants can get a special discount offer.

It is a trusted web hosting and domain registration company with more than 30,000 customers globally.

  1. Customers of this web hosting company can get an SSL certificate, one free domain service, and WordPress optimized.
  2. The technical support team of this company provides 24 hours support system to its clients for any type of technical fault.
  3. You can get 1GB free SSD disk space, a control panel, unlimited bandwidth, one free domain at Rs 40/month, and ten email account with its web hosting plan.

But you have to check website domain registration process in detail to get details regarding the add-on price, domain transfer price, and renewal charges details information. Authentic domain registrars share their terms and condition in details with the clients. Try to avoid the domain registrars that hide the details about the domain privacy policy from the clients. Hackers always want to steal your web content that is responsible for huge loss for the business organization.

Domain Name Registration

What are the top ten domain name registrars in India?

Register Your Domain Name –

The domain name registration process is one of the most important tasks for the website developer. Without a proper domain name, no one can identify your website on the internet. The company that is responsible for doing the domain registration is known as the domain registrar. It is vital to choose the correct domain registrar affiliated with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name And Number) because the wrong domain registrar is a threat to the registrant for leakage of essential data from the website. Furthermore, only an authentic domain registrar can guarantee your web content security from the risk of hackers.

Top ten domain registrars in India

Onlive Server – It is one of India’s trusted web hosting companies with more than 30,000 customers worldwide. 

  1. Customers of this web hosting company can get a trusted SSL certificate, WordPress optimized Hosting, and one free Domain Name Registration service. 
  2. The technical support team of this company provides a 24*7 hours support system to its clients through live chat, skype, and phone calls. 
  3. You can get 1GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a control panel, ten email accounts, and one free domain name registration at Rs 40/month.

Onlive Infotech -If you are searching for the right solution for your WordPress website, this is one of the best companies. The various features of this company are as follows

  1. The web designer of this company provides you free access to the website design.
  2. You can be checking to get a free domain facility for one year with the hosting web package.
  3. Twenty-four hours of technical support
  4. You can get the complete reliability of your website.
  5. The shared hosting facility of this company is available at $2.95/month
  6. Find domain name of the website is a simple task for this company
  7. You can design your WordPress website with a brilliant theme.

TodayNewsViral – This is one of India’s best domain name provider companies that offer a different package for web hosting and domain registration.

  1. A TLDs domain name such as .com is available at Rs 779/year with two free email account and a control panel with domain theft protection.
  2. Shared hosting facility with professional email hosting at Rs 99/month.
  3. High performance dedicated server is available at Rs 6289/month.
  4. VPS hosting with a full root access facility is available at Rs 1495/month.
  5. If you are not satisfied with its hosting web package, you can request a complete refund within 45 days of the purchase. – If you want to get a hosting web service and other various technical support services at a reasonable price, GoDaddy is your ultimate solution.

  1. .com domain name is available at Rs 199/ for 1st year.
  2. Web hosting is available at Rs 199/ month.
  3. Professional email is available at Rs 29/ mo
  4. Managed WordPress Rs 149/month
  5. VPS service at Rs 439/month
  6. Dedicated server at Rs 8839/month
  7. You can get free tools for web design and development with a hosting web service. – This domain registrar company has more than 1 million websites since 1998 for its unique facilities.

  1. The risk of the website crashing is very little with this web hosting company.
  2. Offering to Check Domain Name and unique design to improve the potentiality of your website.
  3. Friendly expert supports available for 24 hours.
  4. You can get an easy WordPress installation service.
  5. You can find the domain name of the website from its TLDs options. – It is a unique eco-friendly web hosting provider company that provides unique web hosting facilities.

  1. WordPress hosting is available at $ 2.49/month
  2. Woo-commerce Hosting that is powered by WordPress is available at Rs 2.49/month.
  3. VPS server with a fast SSD plan is available at $ 39.95/month.
  4. Advanced security with custom security rules
  5. Container technology, proactive monitoring, and daily backup facility are available. – This web hosting company provides unique facilities such as

  1. Cost-effective shared hosting for small business is available at $ 2.49/month
  2. WordPress hosting is available at $ 4.99/month
  3. VPS hosting for large scale business starts from $ 17.99/month
  4. Dedicated hosting for a large customer group is available at $ 99.99/month.
  5. Free SSL, premium malware, and hack protection are available for the clients. – if you want the fastest web hosting solution, then A2 Hosting is the best option for you. It is also one of the best domain name provider companies in India.

  1. 99.9% uptime commitment
  2. Easy money-back guarantee
  3. Pre-tuned for high performance
  4. Boost SEO and conversion rates.
  5. Managed and unmanaged web hosting.
  6. Shared hosting is available at $ 2.99/ month
  7. VPS hosting available at $ 4.99/month
  8. Popular TLDs options such as .com, .net, .info are available – It is a pocket-friendly web hosting service for its unique facilities.

  1. Shared hosting starts from Rs 79/ month with 100 GB bandwidth, one email account, managed WordPress, 30 GD SSD storage, and two databases.
  2. With a premium web hosting package at Rs 179/month, you can get a free domain facility, free email, 100 GB SSD storage, and an unlimited database.
  3. You can get 30 days’ money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. – This company provides various website support systems such as VPS server, shared server, cloud server, email hosting, website design, domain registration, and website migration at a reasonable price for its customers. The domain name registration process of this company is also very unique and easy.

Domain Name Search

Best Domain Name Search: Right Ways to Buy Domain

Hey there! Today’s generation is a digital era. We are equipped with great technological tools. Technology has proved to be a boon for the entire humanity. Due to technology, we can connect to any corner of the world. Technology and the Internet have proved to be the greatest inventions of the human world. One such example is a website by which we can provide knowledge to a wide range of audiences and help them expand their business. For constructing a good website, we require domain names. Domain Name Search information if you want to understand more about it.

What Are Domain Names?

The domain name is a unique identity in World Wide Web. A domain name is an address a website provides. It is typed by the internet browsers in the URL section when they want to search or browse for detailed information.

 For instance, if the website is a place, then the domain name would be its address. There are various Domain Name registration Sites on which you can apply for the convenient domain names as per your choice and apply for it. You can Check Domain Name Online on various websites that provide domain names at a cost you desire to pay.

Internet is a huge range of computers connected globally with each other.

The computers are identified based on the IP address provided to them.


What Are IP Addresses?

IP addresses are the huge set of numbers that elaborate a huge range of computers connected globally with each other. The IP address can also be termed as a series of numbers.

How does our work become easy with the help of the domain?

It becomes easy for us to remember the domain rather than placing a huge set of numbers, and you will be taken to your desired location.

Let’s Check Domain Name websites available on the Internet and their affordability. Top Domain Name Registration Sites are:

  • com
  • Blue host.
  • Network Solutions.
  • Go, Daddy.

You can Check Domain Name Online, and its availability, price for which you are looking after. You need to register first for the domain name, and registration isn’t an easy process. Various companies are waiting to take your business to the next level. You can buy Cheapest Domain as well as the best VPS Server Hosting plans.

How to choose the perfect register for your domain name?

  • Look for the .com or .in whatever you need.
  • Look for the prices and the period and time extensions you need to renew the domain name.
  • You must know that it is a poor deal if it comes with .org

Let’s Check Domain Name providing sites. :

Good feature to buy: provides a free website builder along with the domain name which you have purchased.

Reason to ignore:

You get the best prices, but it’s for longer periods. provides the 25 country code top-level domains. They sell premium domains as a broker. The company shows the presence of its existence for over two decades. They are the top domain directories around the globe. With every domain name, you get a website builder tool, and you are availed of various different mobile-friendly templates. You get access to the stock image library and even PayPal integration.

Blue host:

Good feature to buy: 

  • These Domain Name Registration Sites provide good pricing for the domains. Good customer care is provided from their side.
  • Blue host is one of the best services you can look up to if you want to register a reputable domain registration. It will boost your working skills and that too at a reasonable price. They sell .org domains for 9.99 dollars and .com domains for around 12.99 dollars. They provide a superb value hosting bundle deal. You can Check Domain Name Online according to your niche.

Go Daddy:

Good features to buy:

They provide various hosting services. Along with the domain name, you get telephone support.

Reasons to avoid:

They charge very high for the registration of domain names.

Go Daddy is a web giant; it manages nearly 75 million domains for around 17 million customers worldwide. It provides .co domains for 7.99 dollar/ year.

.com and .org domains are cheap for around 9.99 dollars, respectively. It provides Whois privacy and previously optional service. The company provides an array of products. Go Daddy is a good choice if you are looking for other services too.

Network solutions:

Good features to buy: 

  • They provide a monthly money-back guarantee.
  • Highly beginner-friendly services.
  • Good hosting at an affordable cost.
  • Customer support.
  • They provide a flexible billing schedule.

Reasons to avoid: 

They provide a limited hosting option.

Network solutions provide us with cloud-based plans, with a range from starter to premium. You can get a free domain if you purchase the plan above, and to get a free SSL certificate, you should go with the premium plan. They provide WordPress hosting packages from 7.99 dollars to 18.98 dollars/ month.


Good features to buy:

  • They provide free Whois privacy.
  • Good price.
  • Highly user-friendly search filtering.

Reasons to avoid it: 

They don’t provide 24/7 support for their customers.

Hover’s website is straightforward, and it is a popular domain name Registration website that Tucows own. It also operates eNom and reselling domain platform OpenSRS. The default page displays almost every domain and is a good choice to go with.

So, these are the lists from which you can choose the best one. It will help you decide who the best registrar for your online business is in the year 2021.

Check Domain Name

How to Register and Check Domain Name for Your Business

Start A Startups And Check Domain Name

Online business proliferates every year, it gives you profit from a wider audience, and your brand name gets famous. Establishing an online presence is what every company looks for, so you should have an official website. You require to check domain name for each brand that is unique and easy to remember. The customers can search using this name and access directly to your website. There are several domain name registration sites for proceeding to make your choice. It will help you find a large target audience, and the Onlive server is here to support you in registering the domain name. We provide technical support to the users whenever they contact us.

Domain name registration: necessary to improve online business

Domain registration is a must for your online presence; you can control your business and interact with the customers. When you Check Domain Name for your brand, it should be unique, relatable and easy, so that the viewers can search quickly. Each user can register multiple domain names at once; the procedure is the same for everyone. The domain name used for each brand can’t be changed; even if you register any other name, it should be for other brands. So, for keeping yourself unique in the searches, domain registration is required.

Best services that Onlive server offers

Many of you might think about registering the domain name; Onlive server is one of the best choices you have. We make the task of domain registration easy and quick for the users. Domain names are not only used by companies but also by individuals who own websites. The similarity in the names used for business makes the task of finding domain names a bit hard. We endeavor you with the best platform to purchase the domain names of your choice at cheaper rates. You can log in to our website,, and search for the name or keyword you plan to include in the domain name. Make sure that you select something related to your business so that the customers can remember them. Some people tend to keep complex names or are not similar to the brand; they have a high chance of losing customer interactions.

You can keep the domain name unique but not complex; visitors should get a good impression and ease searching. The web address or URL changes never bothers customers; what they choose to search is using the domain name. So, you can Check Domain Name Online that you desire in the search box after logging into There are several extensions available to choose from, and the price for each varies accordingly. Usually, the companies register their domain names using the extension, .com, .net, or .org. You can find them from the categories as required.

You will also get suggestions that are related to the keyword you use for searching domain names. If you find the name is available, you can select them using a yearly plan and complete the payment. Some people register the domain name before the development of the website, and they can contact us when their site is ready for hosting. Every year you should complete the payment for retaining the domain name and enjoy the benefits. We offer you free DNS management and domain forwarding.You don’t have to worry as we don’t charge any hidden costs from the users.

Connect with us for domain name registration queries

Various queries arise in your mind regarding domain registration after you find its importance? Feel free to contact us as we are here to offer technical support to you all the time. There is an expert team who are efficiently working to provide satisfactory answers to the users. You can either drop a message through the website or email us at any time, that we will connect back to you after analyzing the query.


The number of people coming to the online business every year is rising, as you can find numerous websites when you search for anything on the internet. Your unique domain name is that which helps them to reach your website without moving to your competitors. So, even if there are people with the same business name as yours, try to register your domain name early without missing the opportunity. When you delay the registration, other users may pay for the domain name that you desire. You can choose and check the availability of the domain names, the extensions with affordable rates can be purchased. Competition is rising in online business, so it is good that you invest some money in maintaining a domain name. You can analyze your business and improve revenue gained from your business if your customers find you easily. We are here to assist your and available whenever you required.